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Crystal Carr and her group are not just your average financial investing real estate team. They come with expertise in construction, finance, development, fix-and-flips, foreclosures, personal and business credit, business investing, the teaching of financial literacy, and we can even help with the remodel of your home and/or business. 

Carr, founder and CEO, realized how much she had an interest in real estate early as a child when playing with her 3 brothers construction trucks, building buildings and homes from Lego blocks. Not far from graduating from Fordham University, she began a part time career working in a small real estate office while working her 9-5 job. She began to increase and expand her knowledge of the large circle of real estate investing, fix and flip, buy and holds, business purchasing and investing, financial literacy and more. She learned all of the details, licenses, permits, profit margins, etc. in the building of office buildings, medical clinics, schools, and other infrastructure. She began managing small buildings and  complexes onsite. 

In 2015, she started to find investors for properties in Manhattan, New York. While experiencing success as CEO of Principle Equity Group, she enjoyed capital markets and obtained several community appreciation awards for her relentless community work, teaching young men and women the full scope of financial literacy. The next adventure was combining the development and construction of real estate. Thus, she acquired several small rental properties and buildings. 

During that time, several organizations, private investors, acquaintances, friends, and family, started to request Carr's advice and on-going consulting to guide them in their financial growth, business and investing ventures.

Carr still working her 9-5 employment as an investigator, focused a lot of her time on helping people make and save money in real estate and other equity ventures. Whether a home, investment, existing business, or a new startup, Carr is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals.

  Mission Statement

  Where Equity about You 

In the world of investments, private equity, real estate owned, business purchase, etc., one doesn’t know who always to trust. We go above and beyond and continue to educate ourselves in all areas of real estate and private equity, and more. 

We’ll always put you before anything else. Our clients know we only work with winners. So when our clients need someone representing them in business matters, they feel safe knowing they have a team with diverse expertise on their side.

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